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Mission, vision and values

We are a private, Catholic and bilingual school that is part of the Regnum Christi international educational network, which provides education, training and teaching services to children and adolescents. The stages taught include Preschool (from the age of 1), Primary and Secondary.

The school was founded with the mission of helping each student achieve their full potential under the motto “semper altius”. It means “ever higher” in Latin and expresses what we aspire to achieve every day: the optimal development of our students in all facets so that they may become the best version of themselves and thus contribute to the good of their own societies. Our identity is focused on academic excellence, bilingual education (English-Spanish), Catholic and integral formation and personalised attention.

We seek to shape well-rounded individuals using an educational model based on smaller class size and to foster a climate of closeness, joy, freedom and responsibility in accordance with a Christian vision of humanity.

This is a high-minded ideal, but we would not have it any other way. If parents entrust to us their most precious treasure – their children – then it is down to us give them the best. Aware that parents are the most important educators, we are committed to working closely with parents as co-educators.

Our school Colegio Privado

HSLF has a committed, trained and constantly evolving teaching staff that work hand-in-hand with Highlands families to establish and strengthen our shared family-school project.

Our model includes a specific programme of formation in spirituality, virtues, social participation and educational discipline to foster personal maturity and help our students acquire the human virtues of generosity, respect for others, honesty, commitment and sportsmanship.

Our school’s spiritual and doctrinal educational activities are directed by the Legionaries of Christ. This Catholic Church institution of pontifical right was founded in 1941 with the mission of spreading the Kingdom of Christ throughout society in accordance with the demands of justice and charity, and in close collaboration with the bishops and pastoral programmes of each Diocese.

In Spain Regnum Christi is represented by seven schools – located in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Valencia – as well as the Francisco de Vitoria University.

Our educational model
  1. “Our passion is to love each student”

If the educator’s mission is to help learners give the best of themselves, to grow – semper altius – then educating is a form of love. A person who educates is a person who loves.

  1. We guide each student along their personal journey

This love embraces the uniqueness of students – just the way, and where they are – and guides them along their journey of growth, with an exquisite respect for their own freedom and personal pace. Education implies giving personalised attention: another of the main characteristics of our pedagogical style.

  1. Integral and integrative education

A person is a complex being. Each educator and each educational action targets the whole person to help them harmoniously develop all their faculties and capacities.

Our school Colegio Privado

“School is an educational environment in which one grows in order to learn to live: to become adult and mature men and women capable of walking the path of life. How does school help you grow? It helps you to not only develop your intelligence, but also to achieve an integral formation of all aspects of your personality”. Speech by Pope Francis to Students of Jesuit Schools in Italy and Albania, Rome, 7-6-2013.

Here are all the components of the personality of the Integer Homo embodied by the educational ideal of the Regnum Christi schools: intellect, will, emotion, body, relationality and spirituality.

  1. We want to form truth seekers

We want to develop students’ cognitive abilities and help them create habits that will make them intellectually curious. Through the “pastoral of intelligence” we seek to broaden the horizons of reason to make students passionate about research and knowledge, to strengthen their ability to see and understand the world and humanity from within, and to turn their learning into a personal search for truth.

  1. We want to form mature individuals

We want to make our students mature individuals, in accordance with their age. This maturity is manifested by loyalty to one’s own responsibilities, the ability to know how to interpret one’s feelings and orient them towards the person’s integral good, an attitude of openness to others and to God, the ability to form sound judgements about life events and people, and the ability to make wise decisions. This requires the formation of conscience by providing moral criteria in accordance with right reason and the Gospel, and the formation of character through the cultivation of human virtues.

  1. We want to form Christians

The ultimate goal of spiritual formation is to make each student experience a relationship of intimacy with Jesus Christ. Spiritual formation does not only occur in the chapel, or in religion class, but rather during every minute that a student is at school. We live faith with joy.

  1. We want to form apostles

We are committed to ensuring that students know and live the love of Jesus Christ and to enabling them to communicate that love to the world.


With an interest in forming students based on an integral educational model and in accordance with a Christian vision of man, Highlands School Los Fresnos began its journey in 2007 in Boadilla del Monte as part of the Regnum Christi international network.

The school started with 86 students and, thanks to the many families who have chosen us, it now has 470 enrolled in its Preschool (from the age of 1), Primary and Secondary stages. In the future, and with progressive growth, it will be able to school up to 1,200 pupils in dual single-sex classrooms.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, the school will have students from the age of 1 up to those in the 4th year of Secondary education. This growth has been possible because an ever-increasing number of families have chosen Highlands Los Fresnos.

We envision our school as a common meeting point for teachers, students and parents. Everything that those of us in the Highlands family do is inspired by the aspiration to continually learn and to help make your loved ones great. We are aware that by doing our best each day, the fruits of our efforts will be bountiful and help to establish a society of justice and love.

“The school can and should be a catalyst, a place for meeting and convergence of the entire educational community” (Pope Francis)

Administrative staff

Highlands School Los Fresnos has a sizeable group of 70 teaching professionals who teach and assist its 470 students. A committed, trained and constantly evolving teaching staff that forms the heart of school life. With the aim of fulfilling the values ​​that identify us and our motto “semper altius” with excellence, we have the following coordination offices and specialised departments:

  • School address
  • Stage coordination offices: Preschool, Primary and Secondary
  • English coordination
  • Psychopedagogical office
  • Pastoral Staff
  • Coordination of Integral Formation
  • Sports Coordination
  • IT Department
  • Administration Department
  • Promotion and Communications Department

Our facilities

Highlands School Los Fresnos has new facilities that were built in 2007. Its grounds cover more than 9,000 square meters and include two avant-garde style buildings which are well-lit and have spacious common areas.

Every student enrolled in every stage benefits from classrooms and facilities that have been adapted in line with the latest architectural advancements and with a special emphasis on their needs.

Virtual visit.

Virtual visit


At Highlands School Los Fresnos all students from age 3 up to the 4th year of Secondary school enjoy the pool as part of their class schedule. A team of specialised swimming instructors teach classes from the 1st year of Preschool through Secondary school. The school organises public swimming lessons for parents of pre-schoolers so that they can see first-hand the progress of their children in the pool.


The Spanish Royal Swimming Federation and the Spanish Sports Council have accredited Highlands School Los Fresnos to participate in the “Nadar es Vida” (Swimming is life) programme. It entails certification that combines the standards for swimming instruction endorsed by the Spanish Royal Swimming Federation and the Spanish Sports Council with those from leading international methods. Through “Nadar es vida”, Highlands School Los Fresnos students receive regulated and accredited instruction in this sport as part of the school’s curriculum.

Our school Colegio Privado


As a Catholic school we offer students and families the opportunity to live the faith as Highlands families through activities organised by the school. We have a Pastoral Plan with many options for all participating families.

Sacramental life

  • Daily Eucharistic celebration at 9:10 am with parents and school staff in attendance.
  • Students from the 1st to 6th year of Primary school will attend the Eucharistic Celebration once a month with their class.
  • Daily communion at 10:50 am for the school’s students and staff.
  • Daily confessions for anyone interested before and after the Eucharistic celebration or communion.
  • Spiritual guidance for students, parents and school staff who wish to receive it.
  • Eucharistic celebration the first Friday of every month at 9:15 am in the school’s auditorium. All Primary and Secondary students and families who wish to may participate.
  • Eucharistic Christmas Celebration; Eucharistic Celebration at the start and conclusion of the school year, in which Beaver students (3rd year of Preschool, 2nd cycle) also participate.
  • Adoration for families and school staff on designated dates.
  • Spiritual formation workshops for parents.
  • Advent and Lent Retreats for parents and school staff.
  • Virgin Pilgrimage of the family: an altarpiece of the Virgin of Guadalupe goes to each class and students take turns taking it home. Therefore, everyone in the Highlands family receives the visit of the Virgin over the course of the academic year.
  • Missionary week to pray for missions in other countries in October.
  • Week of prayer for the vocations of the school’s students and staff in the first week of February.

Other Spiritual Formation Activities

  • Group sharing for students in the 5th and 6th year of Primary and 1st year of Secondary
  • Lent reflections
  • Preparation for First Communion, 3rd year Primary. Family days for successful relationships and formation for family preparation.

Special activities

  • Missionary week
  • Week of Prayers for Vocations
  • Campaigns for Advent, Lent, Virgin Month in May, Sacred Heart Month in June.
  • Via Crucis during Lent
  • Day of the Pope.
  • First Confession
  • First Communion
  • Welcome the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady of Fatima
  • Coronation of the Virgin
  • NET and ECyD clubs
  • Activities with our Diocese of Getafe

Highlands +

  • Highlands + is the coming together point of the school’s families who work as volunteers on solidarity projects, under the guidance of our pastoral staff and our director Francisco Loro. The goal is to make a personal contribution to improve or change the realities of our environment. Our community decided to maximise its solidarity resources and add actions implemented in previous years. These new projects fill us with joy.The school’s fundamental solidarity action is intended to help our sister school Mano Amiga Academy Philippines, a school being started by Father Luis Miguel Rincón LC in the Philippines to provide educational support and assistance to more than 1,200 needy families to lift them out of poverty. Learn about the project by visiting its website: http://manoamigaph.org/Support for people with intellectual disabilities from the Fundación Gil Gayarre. At the heart of the foundation, Highlands + volunteers perform pastoral and evangelisation activities, organise prayer groups and promote the Eucharist. Logistical support and assistance is also provided to certain of the school’s families, in order to ensure the presence of their children in an institution that can benefit them greatly.Visit to patients at Hospital Puerta de Hierro. Every week we go to support hospitalised people, an activity of enormous value which – by means of a smile, a word of affection or just listening – supports them greatly during difficult times.Collaboration with Fundación Altius. Highlands+ also collaborates with the Fundación Altius in the preparation of food boxes and the “Yo cocino empleo” (I cook employment) programme, which supports job searches and provides assistance to socially vulnerable families in the Community of Madrid.

    Funding and support for solidarity projects. Funds for these projects are raised by our team of running priests The Highlands Runners, who combine a  sporting spirit with concern for the most vulnerable, as well as the Mercadillo Navideño (Christmas Market) and Verbena Solidaria (Summer Solidarity Celebration) at the end of the academic year. We also provide financial support to a number of other solidarity projects, including:

    • ABAY Ethiopia – an association that promotes development projects in Ethiopia, with the aim of supporting children and contributing to the country’s economic and social growth.
    • Fundación Gil Gayarre – we contribute funding that is needed for its operation.
    • The Highlands Runners – they support worthwhile causes by competing in races held worldwide: Chicago Marathon, Valencia Marathon, Bilbao Marathon, etc.

    If you want to collaborate, email Margaux Ventura: admisiones@highlandslosfresnos.es

Communication Program

Highlands School Los Fresnos offers the school’s families the possibility of enjoying preferential scholastic conditions, sports activities and leisure activities thanks to agreements with a number of collaborating entities.

More information: Margaux Ventura – admisiones@highlandslosfresnos.es

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