Upper Secondary Colegio Privado

We shape responsible and competent people ready to embark on a journey towards personal and professional fulfilment.

Our Upper secondary education includes a proprietary programme featuring genuine personal accompaniment aimed at finding the vocation of each student and helping them make decisions for their university future.

This is the final straight towards further education and is governed by the main pillars of our education model: academic excellence, Catholic and integral formation, international formation and pedagogical innovation. We form students capable of steering their lives in the search for personal and common good and of having a positive impact on society. We focus on the following areas:

  • Personalised assessment and intensive formationto prepare them for university entrance exams.
  • Cambridge Assessment English” exams and university educationoverseas.
  • Career guidance:Work Experience and Mentorship programmes.
  • Social participation and formative discipline.
  • Digital learningecosystem in Office 365.
Upper Secondary Colegio Privado


Initial and ongoing diagnostic evaluation

To facilitate the transition between Lower and Upper secondary, we dedicate the first few weeks of the year to a series of adaptation days. We focus on the personalised assessment of students in order to identify their strengths and areas for growth, based on which their tutors and the guidance team can prepare and develop a work plan to guarantee academic success for each student.

We pay special attention to grouping students together per study path, so an important part of this adaptation plan is dedicated to encouraging teamwork, communication and human relationships.


We also offer masterclasses to our students from leading professionals in various fields of expertise to enrich what they learn from the curricular content.

Intensive education

During the year, our students take exam days under the same conditions as they will face when taking university entrance exams. They also receive intensive revision courses and exhaustive preparation for these university entrance exams.

Public speaking

They continue working on the strengths and weaknesses identified in Lower secondary via an individual trial and error process, in which students give a series of in-class presentations based on targets, specific goals and their age.


“Cambridge assessment englich” Exams

After working in English throughout their schooling, the Upper secondary stage is when our students take the highest official exam within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These exams enjoy global recognition and prestige and are valid in every country to certify the level of a student based on exams passed.

As an exam centre, we have the best specialists for student preparation, and we manage the entire process.

International Accompaniment

University education overseas has never been so accessible and competitive. Our work consists of facilitating university entrance by demonstrating the opportunities that exist and offering the tools for each student to decide their own path forward.

To do so, we have partnered with the leading company in Spain for international university guidance. Besides workshops and training, Highlands School has reached a special agreement so those students wishing to choose studies at an overseas university and their families can access a fully guaranteed personalised advice programme, because we believe each student is unique.


Personalised study plan

Individual academic action plan: the tutor works with the Guidance Department to prepare a specific plan for the student to coordinate with teachers in each area, the Guidance Department and the school chaplaincy.

Career guidance

We run a complete programme of specific days and activities to accompany and help our students make decisions about their professional future.

  • Information days
  • Round-table discussions with professionals

Work Experience (W.E.)

The W.E. programme enables students in the 1st year of Upper secondary to discover the day-to-day workings of a company and gain real work experience, shadowing professionals in the sector in which they have shown an interest. The goal is for them to discover the value of work, a service mentality and teamwork, and for them to learn to accept job responsibility.

Mentorship Programmes

The goal of this programme is to accompany each one of our students at such an important time of their lives, in which they need to conclude one period – that of their school years – by gratefully taking stock of all they have lived and learned and embarking on another period with great excitement and equally great uncertainty. All the while going through the developmental period of adolescence.

The goal is therefore to ensure that each student can count on a mentor at this point to accompany them; i.e., to stand by their side, accepting them as they are, wherever they are, with both their talents and potential as well as their scars and limitations, with absolute respect for their freedom and learning pace, to help them discover their mission in life and open themselves up to the challenge of their own growth towards the fulfilment that beckons them.


Social Participation

Our students take part in social projects that encourage their sensitivity to the needs of others and make them live the transformational experience of serving the most disadvantaged in our society.

Formative Discipline

Through formative discipline, our educators work to help children discover the values that lead to rules in everyday life so they can act through self-conviction and not the mere imposition of those rules by others. This allows students to gain an understanding of the meaning and importance of respect and follow the rules to forge harmony at school.


Digital environment

We have created a digital learning ecosystem in Office 365 that enriches classroom operation and fosters learning. This ecosystem enables us to collaborate from any location, communicate and share content securely and accessibly with our students, run the classroom effectively, organise tasks, have access to a greater volume of content and facilitate online formative continuity for our students.

Digital citizenship

The teaching of digital citizenship seeks to education people to be critical, free and integral citizens in the real and digital world. With that in mind, we work with our students on various aspects of digital citizenship on an intra-curricular basis.

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