Students Colegio Privado


Our mission as a school places the student at the centre of everything we do. This mission can only be carried out through personalised attention and with support from parents, helping them provide their children with integral formation within a pleasant, happy and close-knit environment that facilitates their learning and the harmonic development of all the student’s abilities.

To achieve this, our formation embraces the essential areas of the individual: academic, human and spiritual to equip each student – according to their qualities and abilities – with everything they need to continue promoting them during each of their formative stages.

The challenge we face is huge, which is why it is so important for us to offer a team of committed professionals that are dedicated to the wonderful task of teaching, educating and forming each student. We get to know each child and, because we know them, we can meet all their needs and reassure each family as they entrust to us their most precious of treasures.

We can only achieve success in our goal if the entire education community – students, teachers and parents – lives in harmony with our ideology of integral formation.

Students Colegio Privado

Colegio privado Madrid. Escuela Infantil privada. Alumnos. Zona Boadilla del Monte y Majadahonda.