Pre school Colegio Privado

A safe and inspiring environment in which our youngest students can enjoy a personalised and unforgettable experience from the age of 4 months

Our formation focuses on the student as protagonist and a process of experiential learning.

Our students build their learning and develop their intellectual and emotional skills in an environment of play that is adapted to their needs and accompanied by formation in virtues and values. We ensure that our students feel confident in using a second language, which is why we develop all our ideas and programmes in two languages: English and Spanish. To guarantee teaching success, we use active learning methods and programmes:

  • Virtues and Emotional Education Programme:to develop, convey and instil the most important values at each age.
  • Learning projects, experiments, games and scenarios:introducing them to cooperative learning and performing roles.
  • English language:from 4 months onward, they are immersed in the English language using natural techniques and play.
  • Technology:as another learning resource to be used responsibly.
  • Scientific method and problem-based learning:information analysis, posing problems, hypothesis, experimentation, etc. for significant learning.
  • Neuromotor Programme – Early Basic Programme:with gross psychomotor education sessions that encourage neuromotor development in students.
  • Sensory stimulation:they explore and build using all five senses in the art rooms.
Pre school Colegio Privado


Education project in pre-school education

We enhance the cognitive, physical and emotional stimulation of students, seeking to achieve the acquisition and assimilation of knowledge through movement, observation, manipulation, experimentation and play.

Personalised environment of play

We encourage an atmosphere of learning, the acquisition of habits and the development of creativity by boosting the integral development of our students.

Fields of learning

Educational activities are complemented by the application of programmes that work on basic skills at each age, such as:

  • Logical mathematical intelligencethrough manipulative mathematics
  • Development of spoken and written language in the two languages, introducing them to reading and writing in both languages
  • Musical languageand expression
  • Artisticexpression

Pre school Colegio Privado Pre school Colegio Privado

Enriched programme

We offer other programmes that help develop the potential of each student through various activities:

  • Early stimulationthrough the neuromotor and psychomotor education programme
  • Sensory stimulationin our art rooms (sensory classroom, among others)
  • Stimulation of executive functioning, such as chess

Pre school Colegio Privado Pre school Colegio Privado

“Swimming is life” Programme

Swimming is Life” is a sports programme developed by the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation to guarantee the quality of swimming instruction in Spain.


Linguistic immersion in english (50% of the curriculum in english)

In an atmosphere of linguistic immersion in English and with native speakers and/or bilingual teachers, daily schooling is based on experimentation through play as this is the situation in which we achieve maximum effectiveness in the acquisition of new knowledge and oral production in a different language.

Our method combines global comprehension, active participation, comprehensive reading and written expression through play, multi-sensory and structured activities.

Lifelong teacher training

Besides their professional experience, our teachers are committed to lifelong training.

Cambridge international programme

Our 5-year-old students take part in a programme with an international curriculum that is used worldwide and backed by this university

We are committed to a curriculum that guarantees our students gain skills by fostering critical thought and experiential learning.

Pre school Colegio Privado

Speaking Corner

This is yet another component of our pre-school English programme, in which small groups are organised with a native speaker to talk naturally and spontaneously in English so as to not only improve oral comprehension and expression but also pronunciation and phonetics in a personalised manner.

The Speaking Corner takes place in a learning space designed and decorated for this purpose, so that students feel safe and comfortable to act naturally and, above all, enjoy the experience.


Catholic formation

We ensure our students become well-rounded individuals capable of using and practising Christian values and the Catholic faith.

They therefore take part in activities that foster participation, cooperation and generosity as a medium for expressing that they are good people who are loved by Jesus.

Pre school Colegio Privado

Botín Foundation Responsible Education Programme

Certified by the Botín Foundation, we help our students to identify emotions, get to know and trust themselves, understand others, recognise and express their emotions and ideas, develop self-control, learn to take responsible decisions, value and look after their health, and improve their social skills. All this takes place in complete harmony with the programme, as well as their weekly sessions in both languages.

Pre school Colegio Privado

Parenting school

The school invites its families to attend the Parenting School and walk alongside the integral formation path of their children.


Virtues and education for love programme

We form the will and emotions of our students through the acquisition of virtues, which we work on via formative campaigns and activities in the classroom that are adapted to each year group. We focus on a series of virtues that we consider essential to their development, dedicating each term to two of them in particular: order, friendship, respect, generosity, effort, obedience, strength, responsibility, gratitude, sincerity, happiness and humility.

The school develops, conveys and shares the most significant and appropriate values for each age group.

We want our children to mature according to their age and place love above all else, so they learn to respect and value others and themselves, thereby building sincere and significant relationships with those around them.

Pre school Colegio Privado


Digital skills

We foster the correct use of technology, as well as computational and creative thought. We propose a series of activities that motivate and encourage innovation in our students so they may be capable of tackling complex problems, understanding them and developing the most suitable solutions.

Digital tools and programmes

By using BEEBOTS AND LEGO EDUCATION methods and resources, we work on computational thought and early programming.

We use Coding Express to combine digital and physical elements for learning how to work on basic programming concepts such as: sequences, loops and conditional programming. Our students also create, explore and investigate the world of primary science with Steam Park for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics through creative play. This enables them to improve their knowledge about movement, gears, measurements and problem-solving.

To develop these skills, we also use other digital tools such as Smart Boards and digital projectors.

Pre school Colegio Privado Pre school Colegio Privado

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