Personal Guidance

Personalised education considers each person as an individual soul. At our school, teachers work with the differences that define each pupil: their psychology, their qualities, their limitations, their previous formation, their family and social environment and their personal history. We hold individual and group tutoring sessions with pupils, tutoring sessions with the family, dedicate time to resolving issues, provide revision and catch-up classes, and teach study techniques. None of this is undertaken without collaborating with the family and the Psycho-pedagogy Department.

Education can only be personalised, otherwise it is not education and that personalised approach constitutes the backbone of our education project to such an extent that our personal attention forms an essential part of the integral formation of our pupils. It begins by getting to know the pupil in order to help them get to know themselves. This knowledge does not impose labels and is not static but rather grows through a love for the pupil. This knowledge leads to acceptance of the pupil for who they are in order to help them accept themselves. This acceptance avoids conformism and pessimism, and also grows through a love for the pupil. Finally, acceptance understood in this way inevitably leads us to help the pupil overcome personal barriers. Making demands cannot be avoided in this approach as we aim not to cushion the lives of our pupils but rather teach them to do things for themselves. Again, this is done through love.

This is how we wish to achieve the self-formation of our pupils: their motivation to learn and develop personally through self-conviction.

Personal guidance Colegio Privado

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