Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

1794 Family tutoring sessions per school year

100 All upper secondary students on mentorship programmes

7 Experts in human formation

Accompaniment is the “soul” of our education model. Only you, but not you alone.

In the process of preparing and developing ourselves to reach the human heights to which we are called, nobody can be replaced but we all need to be accompanied.

Accompanied by their teachers, the formative path that our students take comprises a range of different activities and programmes that seek a genuine impact on their lives:

  • Affective-sexual formation– Let’s Learn to Love Programme
  • Etiquette and good manners
  • Virtues programme: Happiness, respect, obedience, forgiveness, order, responsibility, kindness, generosity, friendship, strength, humility, sincerity, gratitude and effort
  • Individual growth process: Know yourself, Accept yourself and Better yourself
  • Mentorship programme
  • Entrepreneurship subjects and programmes
  • Individual tutoring, group tutoring and workshops with students, character formation, education
  • Career Guidance Programme: This programme seeks to help our students become aware of their own gifts, as well as the opportunities and needs in their environment, and give them the tools they need to plan their future. It is a process that extends throughout their school life and one that includes emotional resources, specific methods, assessment for learning, etc.
  • Revision and advanced groups for those students who need them. Whenever we see that one of our students is having difficulty or shows particular talent, the Guidance Department and their teacher will study the teaching processes that might best benefit them, either by adapting the material from the teacher in the syllabus (Internal Curricular Adaptation) or through additional complementary material. The goal is always to ensure that each student can achieve the best version of themselves.
  • Tutoring sessions with families, psychopedagogical advice and advice from the human formation team.

We prepare our students in:

  • Self-knowledge and meeting oneself
  • Harmony of character and the integration of emotions
  • Conviction, autonomy and critical spirit
  • Relationships with and meeting others
  • The discovery of one’s own vocation
  • Preparing a life project

Accompaniment for families: we accompany each family through the integral formation of all their children, which is why we go beyond the usual contact between families and teachers at our school to offer a Parent Accompaniment Programme with various workshops: parenting school, marriage workshops, etc.

The milestones along this personal growth path are summed up in our motto: Know yourself, accept yourself, better yourself


  • Is a path of encounters leading towards personal fulfilment on which both mentor and student enrich one another.
  • Is to be committed to ensuring that the student becomes the best version of what they are called to be.
  • Is establishing a deep relationship of support, dialogue and communication.

To be a mentor means standing beside the student on their path of growth, accepting them with their talents and difficulties, with absolute respect for their freedom and learning pace, so they can respond to the questions and challenges they encounter along the way as they discover their own vocation and give shape to their own life.

Our accompaniment model is based on an integral perspective of each student capable of nourishing all aspects of their character: ethical, spiritual, intellectual, affective, communicative, aesthetic, corporal and social.

In order to help them grow completely, harmoniously and fully, we offer them a wide range of activities and programmes to support our accompaniment process.

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Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

Comprehensive Training Program

Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

Formation in values and emotions

Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

We educate the heart, we educate to love

Formative discipline

We are reason and heart, and this is prepared with attitudes and habits that help us to live as persons of integrity and coexist with others. Our educators work to help children and adolescents discover the values that lead to rules in everyday life so they can act through self-conviction and not the mere imposition of those rules by others. We believe in education that respects the individual, as this leads to reasoning and willpower in students.

Virtues Programme and Education for Love Programme (“Let’s Learn to Love”)

By preparing the willpower, affectivity and emotions of our students through these programmes, our goal is for them to mature according to their age. This maturity is reflected in skills such as being faithful to accepted responsibilities, knowing to read their own feelings and integrate them into other aspects of their life, taking cautious decisions, opening themselves up to others and giving themselves to others; in short, loving.

Sports education

Physical activity and sports competitions are a laboratory in which to practise and consolidate fundamental habits and virtues for life: teamwork, healthy competition, diligence, strength of will, perseverance, courage, friendship, companionship, respect, overcoming obstacles, joy, etc.
Find out more about all our sports activities, competition teams and extra-curricular activities.

Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

The “Swimming is Life” sports programme

Highlands School Los Fresnos is accredited by the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation and the National Sports Council to form part of the “Swimming is Life” programme. This certification encompasses all the standards of swimming tuition guaranteed by the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation and includes the best practices taken from international methods. Students receive regulated and accredited education from specialised instructors as part of the school curriculum. Through public classes, families with pre-school children can watch the achievements and progress of their children throughout the year.

Sports events competed in by our students:

– Friendship Tournament
– ECyD Cup
– School Sports Week
– Highlands School Los Fresnos Mini-Olympics
– Highlands School Los Fresnos Charity Fun Run
– Spartan Race

Mentorship programmes

Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

  • What is mentorship?

An educational relationship established between a mentor and each one of their mentees, a privileged space and opportunity for each Upper secondary student to experience integral human accompaniment from their mentor at such an important time in their life and academic career.

We also use the term “mentorship” for each of the “stops” or milestones along that path, the structure of which is described below.

  • Who do we accompany through mentorships?

All Upper secondary students benefit from this programme. In other words, all our students aged between 16 and 18.

These people are going through a unique period in their lives – adolescence – the main purpose of which is to find one’s own identity and place in the world. They are also concluding their time at school before heading off to join higher education. It is an extremely important existential time that is marked by two key realities: mission and vocation.

  • What do we seek through mentorships?

The goal of this programme is to accompany each one of these people at such an important time of their lives, in which they need to conclude one period – that of their school years – by gratefully taking stock of all they have lived and learned and embarking on another period with great excitement and equally great uncertainty. All the while going through the developmental period of adolescence. The goal is therefore to ensure that each student can count on a mentor at this point to accompany them; i.e., to stand by their side, accepting them as they are, wherever they are, with both their talents and potential as well as their scars and limitations, with absolute respect for their freedom and learning pace, to help them discover their mission in life and open themselves up to the challenge of their own growth towards the fulfilment that beckons them.

  • How do we accompany our students? The mentorship path

The solid foundations of mentorship can be found in the relationship between mentee and mentor. That fundamental “How” lies in this relationship, in this meeting of minds. Together, mentor and mentee travel a path consisting of three stops or mentorships in the 1st year of Upper secondary and another two mentorships in the 2nd year. In turn, each of these stops consists of two moments: one public, which is simultaneously shared with all the other students in their year alongside their mentors (group mentorship); and another private, at a “face-to-face” session between mentor and mentee (individual mentorship).

Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

Guidance department

The mission of the Psychopedagogical Guidance Department is to help realise the personal accompaniment of each student. With that in mind, the psychologists and educational psychologists that make up this team advise our students, other teachers and families in order to help them achieve the best versions of themselves based on their individual needs. (Article 124 of the RC Schools Spain Mission Document)

Personalised learning

Accompaniment for the faculty in the design of plans adapted to the specific potential and needs of students. Advanced projects for high-performing students, support plans for students with specific difficulties, the encouragement of executive functioning…

Tutorial action plan

We implement an intervention plan adapted to each school stage and class that includes:

Psychopedagogical advice to families

Through tutoring sessions with families, we offer advice on those issues that might be influencing the learning processes of their children. We also organise a parenting school to cover topics of interest that can help parents in their role as educators.

Assessment and monitoring of students

We test all newly enrolled students, assess and monitor groups at critical ages, individually assess students when asked to do so by the family or the school, run personalised study technique programmes and engage in the personalised monitoring of each student at the various stages.

Career Guidance Programme

Talks, conferences, workshops, individual guidance tests and personalised monitoring plans so that our students make the right choice about their future, in partnership with Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

Upper secondary Mentorship Programme

Coordination of the specific accompaniment programme for Upper secondary students, in which the student selects a mentor (from among the faculty team who act as mentors) to accompany them as they learn about themselves and take decisions about their future.

The highlands student

A Highlands student has five key traits for their personal fulfilment, for university and professional success and for exercising transformational and service leadership as a result of the integral formation received.

  • They face life with maturity.
  • They think critically and creatively.
  • They communicate fluently and expressively.
  • They participate responsibly in society.
  • They are an apostle.

Integral Personal Guidance Colegio Privado

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