Management and Coordination Colegio Privado

Management and Coordination

Highlands School Los Fresnos has a sizeable group of over 90 teaching professionals engaged in the education and accompaniment of our more than 600 students. A committed, trained and constantly evolving faculty that forms the heart of school life. In order to properly teach our characteristic values and remain true to our motto, “semper altius”, we organise ourselves into the following specialised areas and departments:

  • School Management
  • Stage Coordination Offices: Pre-school, Primary and Secondary
  • English Coordination Office
  • Psychopedagogical Office
  • Pastoral Staff
  • Integral Formation Coordination Office
  • Sports Coordination Office
  • IT Department
  • Administration Department
  • Promotion and Communication Department

Senior Management Team

Stage Coordination

Department Heads

Pastoral Staff – Priests and Consecrated Women

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