Lower Secondary Colegio Privado

They consolidate skills and techniques for autonomous learning and the development of their abilities.

In Lower secondary, we accompany students on their journey of self-discovery and understanding of the great potential within them.

Our students have access to an extensive Career Guidance Programme to accompany them in the search for their vocation, their Life Project.

Our students develop skills that will enable them to achieve maximum academic performance, as well as train as responsible and committed leaders through the following methods and projects:

  • Interdisciplinary and experiential learning.
  • Project- and problem-based learningthat enables them to develop the skills needed to successfully tackle the challenges they face while encouraging critical and creative thought.
  • International formation project and Cambridge International Education programme.
Lower Secondary Colegio Privado


We form outstanding students capable of achieving their full potential. People with a critical spirit, a growth mentality, sound virtues, a responsible attitude focused on helping others and improving society. Responsible people with critical judgement, adaptable to any change and committed to society. People with integral formation.

Interdisciplinary Projects

Students learn to reflect through experiential learning, relating concepts from different fields to thereby expand their own knowledge.

  • HSLF newspaper and radio
  • Music / Arts / Technology project

Entrepreneurial Highlands: Entrepreneurship and financial and training

This work (begun in Primary) continues at this stage via the “Entrepreneurship” subject and the “Learning to take Initiative” programme in which they get actively involved in projects that touch on the ethics of economic and social development to stimulate their entrepreneurial attitude and ability. This programme is developed in partnership with various social stakeholders and business leaders from today’s world.

A good knowledge of basic financial skills is important to guaranteeing well-being and quality of life. By getting involved in the “Your Finances, Your Future” programme, our students learn to take responsibility for their own finances and gain basic tools to set them in good stead for managing their economy and taking financial decisions.

Challenge Programme

Through specific challenges, our students learn how to find creative solutions and work on key skills, such as autonomy, decision-making and teamwork. They develop critical thought on problem-solving, their creative, technical and emotional skills.

The programme promotes and communicates new technologies, innovation and industrial prototyping. It encourages the creation of multi-disciplinary work groups capable of coming up with novel solutions based on prior individual experiences.

Public speaking and debate

Debate and public speaking provide our students with greater confidence, critical thought, leadership skills and a clear basis for defending their ideas and convictions.

Our students work on and develop public speaking techniques in English and Spanish. The Debate Club consolidates the strategies and techniques they will later put into practice at the annual Debate Tournament organised by the school.


Cambridge International Lower Secondary

We boost our national curriculum with the Cambridge International Lower & Upper Secondary programme (*) to give our students international formation of excellence with standards guaranteed by the University of Cambridge that are applied to their ongoing assessment.

At this stage, 50% of subjects are taught in English:

  • Music
  • Art & Design *
  • Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Global Perspectives *
  • English *
  • Bilingual Science *

Beyond merely teaching specific content, the “Cambridge Secondary” curriculum seeks to develop the skills needed for the future academic success of the student: research, critical analysis, reflection, collaboration and effective communication.

As part of the programme, they will receive the chance to obtain international iGCSE certificates for certain subjects when finishing the Lower secondary stage. More information can be found about these assessments in this video.

Third foreign Language

All our students start to learn French or German in the 6th year of Primary and continue to study that language until the 2nd year of Upper secondary. Our goal is to achieve the level of independent user (B1/B2), with the option to take external exams.

International experiences at the school and beyond

Oak Academies (USA, Ireland, Switzerland): term, school year or summer camp.


We accompany each student via a personalised tutorial action plan to guide them and help them develop their own personal project, with individualised support and suitable monitoring while always respecting their freedom and personal learning pace. The tutor takes responsibility for helping and guiding the student in partnership with the families.

Tutorial action plan

Lower Secondary Colegio Privado

Carreer guidance

We help awaken a vocation in our students via a programme that invites them to become aware of their own gifts, the opportunities and needs in their environment, and give them the tools to plan their future.

From the start of Lower secondary, we offer students subjects that enable them to discover the various academic disciplines in order to later – in the 3rd year of Lower secondary – continue with a more specific programme to find the personal development preferences of each student.

Tutoting between equals (TEI Programme)

Our school harmony programme involves the entire education community. Aimed at improving school integration and work towards an inclusive and peaceful school, it encourages more satisfactory relationships between equals and is aimed at improving the climate and culture of the school in terms of coexistence and conflict. It is based on emotional tutoring between equals in which respect, empathy and commitment are the fundamental pillars for their development.

Education for love

During this very important period in our students’ lives, we accompany them on the discovery of true value and meaning in their body, affection and sexuality. We use a method taken from the “Let’s Learn to Love“ programme backed by the “Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Accompaniment for high-performance athletes

Our experience in personalised accompaniment and a multi-disciplinary team made up by members of the academic coordination team, the physical education faculty and guidance department guarantee compatibility between the academic performance of high-performing young athletes and their success in both areas.


Virtues Programme

We form the will and emotions of our students through the acquisition of virtues, which we work on via formative campaigns and activities in the classroom that are adapted to each year group. We focus on a series of virtues that we consider essential to their development, dedicating each term to two of them in particular: order, friendship, respect, generosity, effort, obedience, strength, responsibility, gratitude, sincerity, happiness and humility.

Formative discipline

Through formative discipline, our educators work to help children discover the values that lead to rules in everyday life so they can act through self-conviction and not the mere imposition of those rules by others. This allows students to gain an understanding of the meaning and importance of respect and follow the rules to forge harmony at school.

Social participation

Our students take part in social projects that encourage their sensitivity to the needs of others and make them live the transformational experience of serving the most disadvantaged in our society. Mano Amiga Project, Altius Foundation, Organisation of Charity Tournaments.


We foster the development of digital skills in our students: that set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential for interacting and coexisting in a digital society.

Digital environment

These skills go beyond knowing how to use digital tools and applications. They provide people with the tools for collaborating, communicating, sharing, finding information, creating content and spreading information in a digital environment effectively, safely, critically and civically.

To achieve this, we have created a Microsoft digital learning ecosystem based on all the Office 365 applications that enriches classroom operation and fosters learning. This ecosystem enables us to collaborate from any location, communicate and share content securely and accessibly with our students, organise tasks and have access to a greater volume of content.

Tablet Assisted Learning

Each student has an individual device that helps personalise their learning and encourages autonomy and mobility. The digital ecosystem improves work flows and the various types of assessment (individual, joint, etc.), creativity, the creation of electronic portfolios, as well as better communication between parents, students and teachers and joint supervision of progress by their children through daily oversight capable of identifying the various problems that might need to be resolved.

Technology infrastructure

Our classrooms are fitted with next-generation digital projectors, Smart Boards and webcams for permanent online connections.

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