Facilities Colegio Privado

Our Facilities

Highlands School Los Fresnos has new facilities that were built in 2007. Its grounds cover more than 9,000 square metres and include two avant-garde style buildings with bright interiors and spacious common areas.

Every student enrolled in the various stages benefits from school classrooms and facilities that have been adapted to meet the latest architectural advancements with a special emphasis on their needs.

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Swimming Pool

All students from the age of 3 up to the 4th year of Lower secondary enjoy the swimming pool as part of their class schedule, with lessons from a team of specialised swimming instructors.

The school organises public swimming lessons for parents of pre-school children so they can observe the progress of their children first-hand.

Students receive regulated and accredited swimming instruction based on the best international methods under the “Nadar es Vida” programme [Swimming is Life].

Facilities Colegio Privado

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