Educational model Colegio Privado

Academic Excellence

100 EVAU 2020 Pass Rate

100% studients took EVAU 2020 exams

89 of our students go on to study at their first-choice university

We stimulate a desire in our students to always be the best version of themselves in all areas of their lives.

This involves motivating them to achieve the best results as students and thus be able to best contribute to the good of others.

We educate for life: our academic programmes are focused on the acquirement of knowledge, skills and abilities, and on the development of those virtues and attitudes we need to fully develop ourselves as people and live alongside others.

We foster creativity, critical thought and autonomy in our students.

To that end, we provide them with:

  • A solid curricular programme
  • Innovation: Our proprietary “SUNRISE Programme”
  • Development of mathematical and linguistic competence
  • Our proprietary technology project: “Truly Connected”

Our students naturally acquire the skills, principles and values to understand and transform the world in which they live. Finally, all their efforts are rewarded with good results in official assessments, university entrance exams and the success of our ex-alumni throughout the university world, professional and personal life.

“Outstanding people, outstanding students”

Educational model Colegio Privado

A solid curricular programme

With ambitious pedagogical goals and rigorous content in the fields of science, humanities, physics and art.


A proprietary pedagogical approach (SUNRISE PROGRAMME) based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychopedagogy, with the best educational strategies and resources.

The foundations of our teaching system lie in early stimulation, discovery-based learning and the encouragement of creativity and research. It is based on an approach that goes beyond the mere receipt, memorisation and application of lessons learned. It uses such methods as cooperative learning, project-based learning, thinking routines and skills, and executive functioning.

These methods are used to enhance the following in our students:

  • Sound knowledge and a strong capacity to relate knowledge from different fields to provide reasoning for their points of view and decisions
  • A capacity to wonder, which arouses curiosity to learn about their reality and an interest in questioning things and investigating problems
  • A pro-active attitude, which causes them to consider new questions and propose different approaches
  • Reflection on their own intellectual processes, learning to give their opinion and possess sound judgement. To discover their own voice
  • An ability to analyse, synthesise and relateEducational model Colegio Privado

Development of mathematical and linguistic skills

We teach mathematics applied to real situations through cross-curricular activities, manipulative and deductive mathematics, public speaking and communication skills programmes, written expression and creative writing programmes, etc.

A proprietary technology project (Truly Connected)

This incorporates technology in a gradual, progressive and adapted manner in order for it to reach our students through different channels (interactive digital Smart Boards, robotics and programming, Tablet-Assisted Learning, augmented reality, 3D printing, STEAM projects).

Educational model Colegio Privado

Excelencia académica Bachillerato. En Madrid: zona Boadilla del Monte y Majadahonda.