Covid 19 Measures Colegio Privado

Covid-19 Measures

To guarantee the safety of our students and our Highlands families, we have drawn up an action plan for getting back into the classroom over the coming months.

Under advice from professionals at all times, we have adopted all the necessary health and safety measures at the school. Spaces have been adapted (classrooms, playgrounds, canteens, etc.), entrances and corridors have been redesigned to prevent large gatherings (access and collection schedules and locations), COVID hygiene points have been installed throughout the school and other measures have been taken. More information can be found in our HSLF 20-21 Emergency Health Protocol.

We will also continue to closely monitor developments regarding the pandemic so we can plan for the various potential scenarios, and we will pay special attention to maintaining fluid communication with our Highlands families at all times.

Below you will find all the documents and graphic material related to our contingency plan:

– Factsheets on Access Control and Safety Measures
– Emergency Health Protocol
– Access Map
– Regional Government of Madrid Action Plan
– Pre-school Protocol

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