Catholic Formation Colegio Privado

720 Students in social projects

10 Associations for social participation

10 Experts accompany our human formation

We educate by evangelising, and we evangelise by educating, based on the charisma of Regnum Christi.

Our school forms part of the Regnum Christi education project, a Catholic Church movement that has been promoting education centres in numerous countries worldwide for 70 years.

We prepare our students from a Christian standpoint on reality, in which faith and reason combine to ensure people give the best of themselves to the world.

We want our school to be an environment in which everyone can discover the love of God in their lives and feel the calling to transform society according to the values of the Gospel.

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado

Life in christ

Every day at our school is an opportunity to know Jesus and experience the joy and beauty of faith

We strive to ensure that every student at our school has the experience of being loved by God and finds in the Church a family in which heart-warming unity is felt. We offer them a series of activities and programmes to help them acquire fundamental knowledge of Christian faith and morals and to live a deep friendship with Christ through prayer and the sacraments.

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado

Formation for leadership and the apostolic movement

Those who do not live to serve, serve for little in this life

Catholic Formation Colegio Privado

Social participation and the apostolic movement

We educate our students in servant leadership so that, through their formation and profession, they may feel committed to the good of their society. We prepare them as apostles; i.e., people who feel a drive to communicate to others the joy and beauty that faith has shown them.

Looking towards that future, our students take part in age-suitable social projects from Primary through to Upper secondary. These projects foster their sensitivity to the needs of others and make them live the transformational experience of serving the most disadvantaged in our society.

Against the disposable culture (Pope Francis), a culture of social commitment and Christian love.

We support the following projects:

  • Altius Foundation
  • Great Annual Collection for the Madrid Food Bank
  • Almar Foundation
  • Support for Cáritas in Boadilla del Monte
  • Charity campaigns organised by local parishes
  • “Hogar de Vida” by the Golfín Foundation
  • Funding and support for charity projects
  • ABAY Ethiopia
  • Gil Gayarre Foundation
  • Charity clothes collections


Catholic Formation Colegio Privado

Houses are teams into which the entire school community is vertically divided. Their goal is to foster in students a sense of belonging to a larger whole that includes students from all years. Students learn to interact with that diversity and to live in a kind of union based on differences, learning to see the wealth this provides and how to live in a community.

The following is taken into account:

  • Difference, a multitude of different people that all interact with one another.
    • A shared mission in common. The mission for each House is to apply the virtues of their patron saint to all the activities and events in which they take part during the course of the school year.
    • The bondthat unites the people who make up the community. This bond is accompanied by a sense of belonging that brings the group together; in other words, “solidifies” it.
    • A dynamic of mutual giving, gratitude and meeting between the components.
    Each family is assigned to a House when they join the school and will remain part of that House throughout their time with us.

Valores del deporte. Formación católica integral. En Madrid: zona Boadilla del Monte y Majadahonda.