Academic Excellence

Our mission goes beyond simply providing personalised academic formation of excellence because the globalised world in which our pupils will need to develop requires much more.

For that reason, we personalise the formation we provide by placing the pupil at the centre of the education process; we give them the physical, psychological and moral autonomy needed for them to believe in themselves and want to grow; we motivate them to perform to the best of their ability; and we foster the harmonious development of all their potential, adapting ourselves to their pace, circumstances and qualities.

To achieve this, we have a well-grounded syllabus with clear educational objectives and extensive content. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive formation in learning skills and learning tools.

We seek not only to provide pupils with knowledge but also to enable them to know how to apply that knowledge at any time and in any aspect of their lives. We have thus adopted avant-garde education systems and programmes of excellence:

Intellectual Formation

Above all, this comprises the development of abilities, habits and skills; education on the correct use of reason; on the ability to reach fair and balanced judgements; encouraging the ability to analyse, synthesise and relate; and to foster a curiosity to learn about reality. Our pupils thus acquire a clear and sound mental structure with principles and values imprinted on their conscience.

Differentiated Education

Nowadays, differentiated education is an avant-garde characteristic of the best education models. Based on an approach whereby the educational objectives and objectives are the same for both boys and girls, differentiated education is an education system that adopts a teaching style adapted to each gender to thus make the most of their different qualities and pace of maturity in order to guarantee true equal opportunity. We separate the boys and girls in different classrooms while maintaining the same educational objectives and content. All other activities that take place outside the classroom, such as break times, time in the canteen and school bus services, are mixed. This combination of differentiated education and coeducation systems is one of the attractive features of our school.