Robotic class

This term during Robotics class, 6 graders have built and programmed robots to create an iMovie film. Visit us and enjoy the stories we invented using iPads and robots!

Here you have some interesting opinions about this latest activity in class.


“This work helps us to get ready for more future and difficult Robotics tasks.” 

Ricardo R.

 “I like this work because you learn to be more patient, careful and to follow instructions.”Amparo V.

“It is important because we learn how to work cooperatively and we have fun.”                            

Gonzalo P.

“I think this activity helped me to develop my creativity and have fun with my friends.”

Lucia L.

“I like this activity because you get to make your lego robot and you can create funny stories.” 

Juan Luis

“Students begin scheming more ways to connect programming to reflection, writing skills and teamwork.”

Miss Eva H.