Spelling bee contest – Tuesday 20th March

The spelling bee not only provides a valuable educational experience for our students, but also allows them to engage in healthy competition. 

Spelling bees do not merely involve the learning of words. Rather, preparation for a bee is a comprehensive learning process that allows children to learn the definition, pronunciation, and roots of the word.

The valuable learning outcome of spelling bee results in the children gaining competency over vocabulary and this allows them to excel at reading and writing. It will allow your child to develop a range of cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure. The learning process accompanying the spelling bee is likely to enhance your child’s memory and allow your child to develop better learning skills, which can prove to be highly beneficial during higher education.

child’s confidence level is usually boosted after entering into such competitions. Even if your child does not win, it’s important to remember that a spelling bee competition can result in a range of benefits ranging from higher confidence to better vocabulary.