Cooperative Learning Strategy: «Group of experts»

The last week during one of our Science lessons we did such an interesting activity. In it, we put into practice a Cooperative Learning strategy called: «Group of experts”. Children had to do some research about different types of pollution.

Each member of the team had a paper with information on one type of pollution, the first step was to read the information on their own, later they gathered together to share their learning and ideas.

After that, the kids sit back with their team and share the information they have learned about, encouraging responsibility, autonomy and motivation. At the end, all the kids get to know a little bit about each of the types of pollution. After all this, they had to prepare a poster showing the different types of pollution they had learn about.

We are very proud of their work! Congratulations to you all too for the work you carry out of home! Go ahead!Cooperative Learning Strategy: Group of experts Colegio Privado