Cambridge Programme (CIE)

One of the strands in the Science Curriculum Framework (Cambridge Programme), that we are implementing in HSLF is the Scientific Enquiry methodology or Research Investigation Process.

This methodology includes basic processes to develop student’s observation, curiosity towards the world around them, critical thinking, and evaluation skills. These routines are implemented to ensure a coherent progression to the learner and to provide a sound base to move on to Secondary.

Scientific Enquiry methodology involves different steps that are being trained gradually with students in HSLF. Students start observing the world around them, which should lead them to question how things work in the world they live in. Once students come up with the question, they should try and find an answer, called hypothesis or prediction. In the following step, students plan their investigation with experiments, materials and different resources, to find out if their prediction is confirmed or not. In this step, evidence, results, measurements, comparisons, presenting results in bar charts and tables is key to draw conclusions from results and identify simple patterns in their results.Cambridge Programme (CIE) Colegio Privado