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Our mission as a school places the figure of the pupil at the centre. This mission can only be carried out by means of personalised attention and with the support of the parents, helping them provide their children with an integral education within a pleasant, happy and close-knit environment that facilitates their learning and the harmonic development of all the pupil’s abilities.

To achieve this, our formation embraces the essential areas of the individual: academic, human and spiritual to equip each pupil – according to their qualities and abilities – with everything that is necessary to continue to promote these during each of their formative stages.

The challenge we face is huge which is why it is so important that we offer a team of committed professionals that are dedicated to the wonderful task of teaching, educating and training each pupil. We get to know each child and, because we know them, we can attend to all their needs and reassure each family as they entrust to our keeping their most treasured possession.

We can only achieve success in our goal if the entire education community – pupils, teachers and parents – lives in harmony with our ideology of integral formation.


The professional team at Highlands School Los Fresnos is fully committed to the formation of our pupils, so that they achieve the proper level of development, offering them personalised and enthusiastic care so that they experience learning within an environment of happiness and warmth at the school. We achieve this through the personalised attention given to each pupil, as only by getting to know each one of them, can we truly accompany them on the adventure of their formation.


Aware of the fact that parents are the primary educators of their children who are seeking the best for them, we also accept the commitment to collaborate with them on the education of their children.

At Highlands School Los Fresnos the parents play a special leading role. Their presence and participation is essential and is a distinctive mark of our school of which we are very proud. The presence of our families in school life to demonstrated through:

  • Playing active roles in the school’s solidarity project: Highlands in action – Helping others.
  • Participating in the spiritual life of the school: Holy Week Missions, the choir of Highlands mothers, pastoral life, etc.
  • Sports and leisure groups: paddle tennis groups, dance groups, running groups (The Highlands runners), etc.
  • The social life of the school: organisation of events, integration with new families, volunteer work, social action, mothers’ dinners, etc.
  • Spokespersons for the school via “Delegate Parents”

We promote the organisation of special events such as: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day and other cohabitation events involving parents and children. These activities offer the opportunity to learn about, create friendships and alliances with other parents that are seeking to educate their children with the same principles and values. As a team, we share this responsibility and offer all our help to train your children so that they are strengthened from within and prepared to face the world in future, because we are one team and one family: the “Highlands family”. The parents of the Highlands School Los Fresnos share sports, interests and in short, a Highlands spirit. Have a look at all our current activities and projects and join us! Highlands+ parents’ activities and projects.

News of Highlands family

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Éxito del II Family Day Highlands School Los Fresnos

El pasado 24 de septiembre más de 200 padres de familia Highlands y alumnos se dieron cita en el II Family Day HSLF. Un día de convivencia y diversión en el que compartimos la alegría de ser familias Highlands y pudimos recibir a las nuevas familias de los 73 alumnos que se incorporan este curso a nuestro colegio.

Hubo un animado concurso de Paellas de padres de familia. La competición estuvo muy reñida pero finalmente el grupo “El Núcleo” se hizo con el primer premio. Los alumnos, tuvieron la oportunidad de participar en varias actividades: Concurso de postres y equipo de corresponsales Highlands. Las ganadoras del concurso de postres fueron María Ling Valverde y Alba Nieto. Numerosos alumnos formaron el equipo de corresponsales Highlands que cubrieron el evento realizando entrevistas a todos los asistentes y retratando los mejores momentos.

Todas las imágenes del día están en el acceso privado a padres de la web. ¡Cómo disfrutamos! ¡Gracias queridas familias Highlands! #LaalegríadeserfamiliaHighlands